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Current Contracts



Competencies: SharePoint, Jira, Google Sites

SSP Innovations needed expertise regarding migrating google sites to SharePoint in a limited window of time in order to remain compliant. SSP also required Jira development expertise in order to migrate all links in dashboards and projects associated with the google site to now reflect the new Sharepoint site. Kuinua Tech's primary responsibilities were to migrate the active Google site data and pages to SharePoint online. This migration including linked files from Google Drive to be moved and repurposed on SharePoint. With the SharePoint migration automated and completed, Kuinua was tasked with migrating similar data from Jira linked dashboards with Google site and drive information, to then migrating new SharePoint links to these several dashboards. With over 52 dashboard entries and several thousand documents, Kuinua relied on creating python scripting in order to remove duplicate files, pages, and archive dashboards that were not being utilized in order to make the migration a success.



Competencies: Microsoft 365 Cloud Architecture & Administration, SharePoint, Azure, Power Automate

Kuinua Tech focused on delivering automated solutions to remove the manual labor that slowed up necessary protocols and systems. Primary software focuses were Azure Active Directory, SharePoint, Exchange, Microsoft 365 Admin Center, Microsoft Endpoint Manage, and more. Details include but not limited to: Manage and monitor Office 365 services and desktop support, Administer and support Office 365 Azure and Exchange policies, Maintain a highly secure system through proper configuration and system access monitoring, Assist with the migration of data into the Office 365 cloud platform and Office 365 SharePoint, Administer and support Office 365 and MS Exchange policies, Design and implementing the company's SharePoint information architecture, Assist in the development and implementation of IT policies, Provide guidance, roadmap recommendations and strategic inputs as a SME of the platform responsibly including maintaining a Test Tenant, and Fields engineering-level Microsoft 365 escalations as well as root cause analysis



Competencies: SharePoint, Power Bi, Power Automate

Kuinua Tech was contracted to help provide continuous full stack development and power platform support for active contracts at Pandoblox. Kuinua provided expertise in utilizing data provided by clients based on sales, recalls, as well as other product information and create interactive Dashboards in Power Bi equipped with power automate workflows in order to ensure data is as accurate as possible with workflows activating every hour to update the dashboard information. Kuinua also provided sharepoint developers in an effort to house all data in one place for better organization long term. Kuinua developed sharepoint sites and lists that acted as backing for the data showcased in the Power Bi dashboards.



Competencies: Web Development, Application Development, CSS, React, Javascript, Scrum

Kuinua Tech was contracted to provide web development and domain hosting for several clients of Cache Consulting. Due to the impending workload and customized nature of each product, Kuinua was able to provide expertise and deliver products in a short amount of time. Kuinua hosted each project's domain for a year under their subcontracting agreement and ensured a contractor was specifically assigned to each project so the client would benefit from specialized attention

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