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Tennis Instruction in Montgomery County

Jordan Athletics is a tennis instruction company that specializes in teaching the fundamentals to old and young players looking to increase their proficiency in their favorite sport. Coach Jordan Abdul was in need of a site revamp and connected with Kuinua Tech to get the job done!



Jordan Athletics was a wordpress site project that needed to be updated. The owner wanted to add a drop shipping store to automate his apparel aspect, new navigation, member account creation, social media feed, and all around banner updates.



After speaking with Coach Jordan, Kuinua Tech's team was able to create milestones that would accommodate the needs of the client. We implemented the Jordan Athletics' store with a combination of WordPress plugins and outside C# coding. This process automated the store and helped to embed it directly into the website. Moving forward with embedding a social feed into the site, Kuinua Tech was able to utilize WordPress plugins and use HTML coding to have a steady stream of pictures and videos showing directly on the home page of the site. We also created a separate social feed page that housed all aspects of the social media accounts associated with the brand. Kuinua Tech continued to work closely with Coach Jordan in regards to changing the navigation to his specifications and continued updates to the banner as specificed.


Jordan Athletics now has all the updates that were agreed upon in the milestones. The sites functionality has been increased with an online store, member's area, less cluttered navigation, social feeds, and so much more. This site's improvements are ongoing as part an agreement was struck for monthly maintenance and updates to the site as needed.


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